1st International Athens Conference on Project Management Best Practices
Achieving Project Management Excellence
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George Magoulas
Mr. Magoulas joined Coca-Cola System in 2001 and currently is responsible for IT Financial Management, Program Office Management and IT Strategic & Demand Planning Management spanning the entire CCHBC organization, which consists of 28 countries.  He holds a business Administration degree from California State University and an MBA degree from Athens University of Economics & Business.  Until 2001 George served in managerial & executive positions in Banking & F&B industries. 
Petros Souretis
Managing Director
Mr. Souretis holds a civil engineer degree from Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki, an MSc in "Structures of Hazards" from CITY University of London and an International MBA degree from the University of Economics of Athens.  In December 2003 he joins the Intracom Holdings Group as Managing Director of Intrakat.  In January 2005 he is appointed Managing Director of Intramet and holds the position until the merger with absorption of Intramet and Intrakat in December 2005. Furthermore, Mr. Souretis holds the following executive positions:  President of the BoD &l Managing Director of Inmaint, Vice President of the BoD & Managing Director of Kepa Attikis, President of the BoD of Eurokat & Intracom Construct SA and Managing Director of Intradevelopment.  Until 2006 Mr Souretis served in executive poisitions in the companies Intracom Bulgaria Ad, Intralban ShA and Aitheras Energy.
Thanos Falagas
Products & Services Development Director
Thanos Falagas is Director of Products and Services Development for OTENET, the leading Internet Services Provider in Greece. His team’s duties include, among others, the overall responsibility to produce, prioritise and implement the roadmap for all company’s products and services, both in consumer and business areas, through end-to-end project management techniques and processes. Thanos has also worked for more than 10 years for VODAFONE, in various managerial positions related to project management, Services development, technical development and technical management.  He holds a Diploma of Electrical & Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (ΕΜΠ), an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of London, and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB).
Dr. Roberto Gavazzi
Principal Consultant
Dr Gavazzi worked 25 years for Exxon Chemicals, holding executive jobs with global responsibility in Manufacturing Technology, Operations and Planning, Investments, TQM and Cultural Change, Purchasing and Logistics Manager. Working all over the world was a great chance to learn along cultural diversity and O. D. issues, and an opportunity to test advanced managerial approaches in association with world-class leaders and companies. Roberto has managed and lead a diverse range of projects.  Since 1992 Roberto has been an independent consultant, offering practical international experience coupled with soft skills refined by specific training, such as communications, innovative teamwork problem solving (ITP), NLP. He is experienced in diverse environmental situations and works comfortably at any organizational level in English, French and Italian. He is a certified lead Assessor for the British Standards Institute, a senior Member of the American Society for Quality and a member of the Italian Industrial Managers Association. He has been Faculty member and speaker at the Management Center Europe in Brussels as well as in leading Universities and associations in Italy.
Dr. Tom Johns, Ph.D., PE, PMP, MAPM
Dr. Johns is Senior Partner and CEO of Business Management Consultants (BMC). In 2004, out of over 600 consulting firms in the study commissioned by Hewlet Packard, BMC was evaluated to be “the world’s top project management solution provider”. Formally General Manager, Program and Project Manager at The Bell Telephone Laboratories and Battelle Memorial Institute, Dr. Johns is a faculty member at NASA Academy, European Centre for Aerospace and Aviation Industry, Singapore Institute of Management, and an Adjunct Faculty at Penn State University, The University of Houston, and a guest lecturer at Cambridge University
Anthony Eve, PMP
Partner, VP & Head of BMC Consulting, Associate Director UK Operations
Mr. Eve is an experienced project consultant and implementer of change with proven ability within a variety of industries. Mr. Eve specializes in the design and implementation of project/program management systems with a particular strength in the people development areas of this discipline as well as management of complex change programs. His professional career of twenty years’ began within engineering, including the management of a small family business, before furthering his experience in Production Engineering, Project Management, Change Management, and the development of management systems. He has led a variety of multi disciplinary teams in project and change management and has a natural, successful style of management based on performance, empowering and team development, which has been utilized within the Aerospace, Cargo, Engineering, Facility Management, Manufacturing and Transportation industries with major blue chip companies such as British Airways, BAE SYSTEMS, and Airbus. Mr. Eve is particularly qualified in the design, implementation and improvement of Project Management Systems; His success led Airbus to position him in Airbus Head Office, Toulouse, where he was responsible for the harmonisation and development of the global Project Management System of the company with an international team and Project Management population of around 1200 people. Mr. Eve is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a member of the Project Management Institution (PMI), a member of the UK Association of Project Management (APM) and is a PRINCE2 Practitioner.
Nicos Kourounakis,  MASc, PMP, MBA
Project Management & Strategy Consultant, Eworx SA
Adjunct Professor at the Hellenic American University
Nicos has worked in the IT sector in Canada and Greece both in large corporations (www.mda.ca) and with smaller ventures and start-ups.  Working with Eworx in Athens, Nicos has been responsible for managing international IT projects with the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living & Working Conditions, the European Network & Information Security Agency (ENISA), the Hellenic American Union and the Greek Ombudsman.  He is also the Product Manager for three of Eworx's new software products.  Nicos also teaches Project Management at the MBA program of the Hellenic American University in Athens.  Nicos holds an MBA from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, an M.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria, Canada, a PMP from PMI and a B.Sc. in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.  His research experience and interests include Chaos Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, and Strategies for SMEs.
George Merguerian B.E., MBA, PMP
Managing Director of Europe, EMEA Division, Senior Partner
George Merguerian is Senior Partner and Managing Director of Europe for Business Management Consultants. He is also a founding member and senior Partner at ODN International an organisation that provides Organisation Development expertise and services to companies in Europe. Throughout his 22-year career, developed lead projects in global distribution, logistics and supply management in the automotive, FMCG sectors for European companies in cooperation with major consultancies like AT Kearney, and Deloitte & Touche. George has helped establish best practices in strategy development and implementation, Organisation Development and Project Management at leading European companies coming from the engineering, pharmaceutical and IT fields as well as, public institutions like the European Commission.
Tommy Krohn
Business Area Manager
Tommy Krohn is the new Business Area Manager, Civil, of Citec Engineering Oy, an engineering company and a major BA strategy, activities, budgets and follow up partner of several international companies.  Mr. Krohn applies over 15 years of experience in leading several projects in the areas of heavy industries, power plants, Sales and Engineering.  He has worked as a project manager at Finn-Power Oy, a major steel industry, leading athe implementation of the ERP project, and also worked for Wartsila at Power Plant projects, and at Simons Element, a civil housing industry where he was responsible for the setup of a sales-agent network in Germany and for the development of CAD software for the engineering department.
Peggy Pattison
Founder & CEO
Peggy Pattison Unlimited Crop
Professor, Western Michigan University
Peggy Pattison has been a professor at Western Michigan University for 12 years and has more than 20 years of experience in hiring & developing employees across all industries such as aerospace, robotics, automotive, health care, financial services and others.  Peggy has helped build and coach leaders in Fortune 500 corporations and is the author of many books and articles on good business practices.  She is an experienced and certified national and international speaker, facilitator and executive coach.  She has received many awards and honors for her leadership contribution to the global corporate.
Murat Ozbilen
Managing Director of Middle East & Africa
With his years of management experience as a Consultant at Andersen Consulting and as Country Managing Principal at IBM Consulting Group, Mr. Özbilen brings clients in-depth, hands-on understanding of operational improvement, systems development, integration and business systems projects. For more than 14 years, Mr. Özbilen has provided Managerial and Information Technology consultancy to such well known companies as ABN AMRO, AIG, Amgen, Bechtel, Coca-Cola International, CCHBC, Click, Garanti Bank, Glaxo Welcome, JTI, Philip Morris, Pfizer, Reuters, MobiNil, Nestle, SONY, Unilever, UN World Food Programme, and Volkswagen to name just a few. Mr. Özbilen graduated from Polytechnic University in the US with a BS and MS in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and continued graduate studies in the US, UK and the Netherlands in Operational Audit, Systems Integration, Business Information Systems, and Logistic Strategy. Mr. Özbilen was awarded Institute of Industrial Engineer's Mitchell Fein - Outstanding Leadership and Profession Award and Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honour Society Junior Researcher Award.
Bob Gibson, PMP
Director of Quality, Partner
Mr. Gibson is a Partner and Principal Consultant at Business Management Consultants, where he directs the activities of the company’s Ottawa operations. He has successfully initiated project management systems in support of new product development, business turn around strategies and conversions from traditional organizational operations to ones involving multi-disciplined, customer oriented project teams with leading international firms in such markets as mining, tele-communications, aerospace and consumer products. Mr. Gibson applies over 25 years of experience as a senior manager in Financial, Human Resource and Quality Management roles with such leading organizations as Black & Decker, Dresser Industries, Pneumo-Abex and Canadian Astronautics where he developed high performance engineering and project teams to meet competitive global business requirements. His broad organizational and technical insight and practical, hands-on style have been highly effective in helping clients achieve valuable and lasting project management practices.