1st International Athens Conference on Project Management Best Practices
Achieving Project Management Excellence
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The Hellenic American Union and Business Management Consultants would like to thank our sponsors for their contribution to the success of the 2007 Project Management Best Practices event.

By sponsoring this event you demonstrate business leadership in one of the most promising business trends of our times: project management.

HAU works with several national and international professional as well as academic organizations to offer an alternative pipeline of conferences and training activities that meet current market challenges. We avoid worn out and battered areas of market concern and we search to create discussions and awareness around topics that could make a real difference in the industry’s urging need for fresh ideas. See more about the HAU Conferences on http://www.hau.gr/hau/en/conf_intro.html.

By sponsoring our events you:

  • Gain the opportunity to raise your corporate profile through a non-profit organization, wholly autonomous and self-financing away from market biased representatives
  • Meet prospective clients
  • Deal with future shock! Learn now, first hand, what is going on and what will happen in your industry and you business by meeting with key persons in the field
  • Participate in an international event with discussions and research presentations of the best experts in the industry

For more information please call us at 210-3680907, Ms Eleni Tsirigoti

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